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. it was 25 degrees in livermore. redwood city, 28. and that 26 in san jose set a new record. let's talk about tomorrow morning as well as tuesday morning, because temperatures will start to moderate a little bit. tomorrow, santa rosa, 25. you'll notice temperatures will come up a few degrees from tonight. -- actually go down a few degrees. 36 for monday morning, 32, oakland, 30, redwood city. tonight and tomorrow morning, could be one of the coldest nights, and then tuesday the high starts to position itself towards the east, and that's going to mean temperatures moderating. oakland, 38, and look for 35, warmer overnight temperatures for redwood city. so hang on. tonight is cold and then we'll start to warm up as we get into monday night, tuesday morning. right now we're in the 40s. 46 for livermore. 50 in redwood city. and here's a look at the forecast. freezing temps overnight. cool morning through mid-week, and then after that, get ready for a dry week ahead, and also warmer temperatures. we'll climb into the 60s the latter part of the work week, freeze warning the entire bay area, purple
cars in redwood city. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick first look at the weather if our meteorologist lisa argen. >> i had to use that credit card to scrape the ice off. here's a view from mt. tam. it even looks cold out there. we did break a record up in novato where the temperature dropped to 24. the old record was 25. we are still sitting in the mid-and upper 30s closer to the water burks plenty of 20s from gilroy and some of the protected valleys of the east bay. likely tonight we will see the freeze warning and the frost advisory. but for the rest of the morning mid-20s to the low 40s. in the afternoon it will be chilly once again, upper 40s to the lower 50s. that is below average. but in the next couple of days we will warm up and see above-average numbers. i will have that 7 day outlook for you coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. pucks are going to start dropping in a matter of hours now that the national league lockout is over. kira klapper is live at sharks ice. that's the team's practice facility in san jose. ki
. 28 in redwood city. san jose, 26 degrees, and that sets a new record. now, tomorrow morning, temperatures will be much like this morning. maybe a degree or two. warmer, maybe a degree or two colder. but you can see that once again, well below freezing in many locations, accept -- santa rosa, 25. 32, oakland. 40 for redwood city, and 28 for san jose. beyond that, by tuesday morning, temperatures start to moderate a little bit. check out san francisco overnight low of 41 anticipated. 28 for livermore, and redwood city will actually manage before the freezings mark at 35 degrees. this slight warming overnight, and also during the day, will coin through wednesday, thursday, friday. already 39 degrees right now. and it's 46 in san francisco, 41 concord, livermore, 41, san jose, los gatos, half moon bay, low 40s this hour, too. freezing temperatures overnight, cool morning, through mid-week, and then this whole work week will be dry and will gradually warm each day, especially the latter part of the work week. i want to check on those freeze warnings again for you for the entire b
to call home. >>> they say that they are not leaving as it has been a long- time fixture in redwood city. but they informed tenants that they were styling and they would have to take their boats out by next month. most are left, but as anna werner shows us, they will stay. mike? >> he's been here for 12 years, living on a boat at peace harbor in redwood city. >> it's a historic waterway like the nature channel. >> reporter: but the owners are getting ready to get rid of it, sell asking for the outer. about a dozen remains. >> we believe the difference to the public trust land that belongs to the people of california. it will should stay with the people of california. >> reporter: while it is private land, the outer harbor belongs to the state, run by pete's harbor on relief. the boat is then leased. and those leases are expired. >> the small number of the hang ons if you will. and that they will be there in an effort to occupy ann harbor as we feel like that is not the appropriate action and not beneficial to anybody. >> reporter: but the fight continues. today a fundraiser at a tavern a
camera towards the embarcadero. today's highs, 49. concord at 52. redwood city and half moon bay, not much of a span there. now your temperatures are into the 40s across the board. livermore down to 41 degrees. same story in downtown san jose. santa rosa's at 44 degrees. tonight, overnight, into the 20s east of the bay. inland, mid-20s. sunol you know will dip down to 25 degrees. otherwise, 27 at the delta. notice 20s from napa through santa rosa. 30 san jose. that's why yet again the red highlighted area does mean we have a freeze warning in effect. 2:00 a.m. tomorrow morning to 8:00 a.m. then the areas that are not encompassed by the red means we have a frost advisory in effect. anne, we still have colder temperatures tonight. we'll talk about it more, coming up. >> thank you. >>> the san francisco 49ers are an hour and a half into their first playoff game against green bay at candlestick. and fans all over the bay area are watching, hoping that this will be the niners' year. cbs 5 reporter don knapp is at ireland's bar in san francisco,
enclave on the penninsula... pete's harbor has been a longtime fixture in redwood city. but last fall, boaters who call >>> eviction orders are being ignored tonight on the peninsula. pete's harbor has been a long time fixture. last fall, voters who called the inlet home were told to pull up anchor and leave. >> l i feel it is my duty as a citizen to stay here. >> reporter: paul has been here for 12 years. living on a boat in pete's harbor in redwood city. >> a historic waterway right here. sometimes it is like the nature channel. >> reporter: the harbor's owner is ready to get rid of it. >> reporter: ready to sell it. all of these boats were supposed to be gone by january 15th but a dozen remain. >> we believe this is public trust land. it belongs to the people of california. and it should stay with the people of california. >> while the inner harbor is private land, the outer harbor belongs to the state. it is run by pete's harbor on a lease. the boat leases from pete and those leases are expired. >> the small number of hang ons, if you will
on the peninsula, as well, with details in a second. it is getting frosty. redwood city is 32. san jose is at 34. in the 20's around concord and 30 in fairfield and livermore. be careful. by the afternoon hours we will have high clouds and sunshine and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50's. same tomorrow but rain is more likely saturday night and sunday. >> to the bay bridge we had an early stall on the s curve before treasure island. the incline was sluggish and then it moving okay on the western side of the span. we have metering lines on the bay bridge with minor backup and it will extend shortly if the cars are clearing from the incline section. westbound 780, at glenn coffee, an accident blocking the right lane. the willow road on-ramp to westbound 80 we have a stall blocking a lane and northbound 280, we have reports of a spin out because of black ice. be very cautious in that area. the car was able to drive away on its own. it is very slick in certain spots. look at the drive times. not bad into pleasanton, highway four is slowing from on theback toward pittsburgh and concord and the east
. temperatures are frigid in livermore, redwood city, napa. be advised it's a spare the air day. even though it's cold it's illegal to light fire logs or pellets. coming up a little bit later we'll tell you how much it's supposed to get what the temperature will be like a little bit later today. live from walnut creek i'm tara moriarty. >>> time now 5:01. is a fiscal cliff deal is now a done deal. late last night the congress and white house hammered out a deal. the house of representatives passed a senate bill that protects 99% of americans from an income tax hike. >> a central premise of my campaign was to change the tax code. that was too skewed toward the wealthy at the expense of working middle class americans. tonight we done have that >> president obama is right now as we speaking flying back to hawaii. he's resuming the family vacation he cut short in order to deal with that fiscal cliff. here are some of the details of the fiscal cliff deal that was passed last night. a perm extension of previous tax cut for all taxpayers expect for individuals that make $400,000 a year or couples that
there, is still hope for the remaining boat owners here. the redwood city city council will hear their appeal at the end of the month. and also, the lawyer for these boat owners have filed a lawsuit challenging the evictions. >> still ahead tonight the san jose state takes a big first step towards an overhaul of college as we know it. how california is trying to make higher education more affordable. >> we're live tonight in san francisco international airport. the idea of a name change has little lit up conversation on the abc 7 news facebook page. >> if you're tired of the cold snap, so, we all set? i've got two tickets to paradise! pack your bags, we'll leave tonight. uhh, it's next month, actually... eddie continues singing: to tickets to... paradiiiiiise! no four. remember? whoooa whooaa whooo! you know ronny, folks who save hundreds of dollars by switching to geico sure are happy. and how happy are they jimmy? happier than eddie money running a travel agency. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >>> sky 7 live over the mission distri
bit of wind there overnightf÷ybj. we had 32 degrees in san jose. 29 in redwood city. once again, freeze warning is in place for tomorrow. temperatures mid-20s to low 30s is where darker purple is on the map. santa claire wra ya valley. we have a frost advisory up for morning as well with temperatures there low to mid-30s. that is for bay shore line. you can see into the white purple. looks like tonight, tomorrow morning could be the last night that we see these temperatures. we'll take a look at the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. >> cold making live tough and endangering lives foréfg earths. these are treacherous days and nights to live out on the streets, obviously. we're live in san jose way look at how people are coping and how people are helping. >> the sun may be shine in the ice rink in downtown san jose, coming down but take a look at what people, and pets are wearing. >> i have about four layers on and its freezing. yae. my dog gos and hides under the bed. she doesn't want to go for a walk. >> people facing freezing temperatures with different
the east bay in march. >> redwood city on the 25th of the month. >> if i can touch that and the lombardi trophy, my life will be complete. >> moving on, 4:48 this morning, here is a look from emeryville, you can see how calm it is this morning with a beautiful picture to the west. live doppler 7 hd shows how quiet it is this morning. we have dry air again. but not too dry. the frost is not forming. we have frost out there again because the temperatures are so low. now as far as the temperatures go, and how to dress when you step outside, we will ramp it up and we are in the 20's in santa rosa and novato and mid-30's in fremont and san jose and mountain view at 36 and los gatos at 33 and redwood city 34 and 45 in san francisco and 50 in half moon bay right now because of a breeze. hazy today. another "spare the air" day. clear tonight. frosty valleys. warmer highs through sunday. temperatures today range from 56 in antioch and livermore to 62 in santa rosa and reach 60 in napa and fremont and palo alto and oakland and san jose at 62. to monterey bay, mid-to-upper 60's headed inland to sal
. and upper 60s already south of santa cruz and half moon bay. 65 and 66 redwood city s beautiful 64 in san francisco. looks good, tori. and then we will get clouds and the weekend will be great. >> looks great. thank you, steve. >>> they are celebrating a milestone today. it is 23 years since sea lions first showed up. there will be free walking tours for people who want to learn more. the tours start at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. every day through monday. the first lady debuts a new hair do. and nineer fans. showing off their pride. . >>> it is a quiet day on wall street. mixed batch of earnings report. new report on debt ceiling. house republicans will take out a bill to push the deadline for raising the limit in mid april. nasdaq is down. and s&p is flat. >>> california's unemployment rate remain unchanged in november. coming in at 8.8%. it is down from 11.2% a year earlier. november was the first time it fell below 10% in four years. >>> first lady michelle obama celebrated her 49th birthday with dinner out and new hair do. this is complete with bangs, this is object her twitter account.
cover in redwood city and we'll call it partly cloudy. tonight a few clouds. 37 to 39 degrees. that's the temperature towards midnight. but overnight we're dipping down below freezing in santa rosa and back into sonoma and pretty close to freezing. we'll talk about the coldest day of this workweek still to come. >>> all righty, thank you. >>> the city of oakland does not want this new year's to be like last new year's. police have said a two-word message for partyers. >> no guns. >> if you hear enough fire that you thought you were in a fire zone. >> reporter: john is talking about the sound of automatic celebrator gunfire in his neighborhood every new year's eve. this year he has a plan. >> i will be going in four hours before the gunfire starts. >> reporter: the gunfire is documented in youtube videos year after year. >> happy new year. and happy holidays. >> and this holiday from 2011 who claims to be in east oakland. firing round after round from what appears to be a shotgun, but oakland police chief howard jordan insists this year will be different. >> we actually have a team o
rosa. 49 in the city. but 57 at the half moon bay airport. montera is 59. redwood city, 49. mountain view, 49. san jose, a cool 51. it was 5 below up in truckee this morning. tahoe is now 39. 49 redding. 49 sacramento. ukiah is only 44. 20s for mendocino county all the way down to the salinas valley. mostly sunny. there's not much left of this system. so temperatures kind of warming up each day a couple of degrees. it's tough when you are 25, 26 in the morning to get above 54 this time of year. it's a dry pattern. maybe late friday or saturday. temperatures are coming up a little bit. not a lot. 54 at about -- and 57 will be along the coast from half moon bay to monterey. inland, i would say about 53, 55, 56. a little bit warmer towards the santa clara valley. same for the peninsula, not bad on the coast. half moon bay, pacifica, daly city, redwood city. there's a definite chill in the air dash in the air. i've kept rain out on -- chill in the air. i've kept rain out for sunday. next week looks quiet but cold. >> january. >> yeah. >> it should be cold. >>> subaru is planning to recal
of a fog -- kind of a foggy day, livermore 57 and out towards antioch, 64 degrees redwood city 63 and fog is on the increase and a little bit cooler on wednesday. if there is any moisture there will be low snow moisture as well. weekends will be breezy but days are okay. >>> she is appealing her conviction of lying to police. she was acquitted of murder in the death of her two-year-old daughter caylee anthony but was convicted on four counts of lying to police. >>> one goh has been reported to not be able to stand trial after two psychiatrists they concluded he suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. if doctors determine his condition changes he could stand trial in the future. >>> new information is being used as to why they filed deadly shots in the first officers involved shooting in 20 years. he was killed and his roommate claimed he was being attacked. they say he ran at them holding a 10-inch kitchen knife and he ignored pleas to drop the knife and the police officers fired in self-defense as he charged towards them. >> he was 5-foot 4 coming downstairs, how was that going to impact gu
mateo and 57 in redwood city. we will see low to mid50s on the coast and pacifica 53 tomorrow. 55 at half moon bay. in and around san francisco mid50s tomorrow. 55 downtown and 54 in the sunset district. up in the north bay, pretty much narrow range of mid50s. 55 petaluma and 56 sonoma. slightly milder at napa with a high of 58. on the near east bay look for highs of 58 in oakland, castro valley. san leandro, 56. inland east bay it will be slow to warm up. highs just barely reaching the mid50s there. 56 at concord, danville and pleasanton and livermore. 54 at brentwood 57 in watsonville and santa cruz and farther inland 58 in gilroy and hollis store and -- hollister and 59 in salinas. here is the seven-day forecast, the pattern holds steady for the first four days of the forecast period. temperatures in the mid50s through tuesday and little chance of rain. the best chance of a shower is this overnight period as the front passes through, and then dry weather through most all of next week. the high temperatures climbing back to 60 degree bise thursday. we will get a slight warm up b
for stowe continue. this one last night in redwood city. the giants' third base coach tim flannery's band is donating proceeds raised for stowe's family. >>> the district attorney announced that michael crabtree will not face sexual assault charges. the allegations stemmed from an encounter with a woman two weeks ago after the playoff win over green bay. the d.a. determined there was not enough evidence to prosecute crabtree. the super bowl-browned 49ers say, quote, michael and the team can now put this behind us and move forward. certainly a beautiful day around the bay area, but a cool down is on the way. spencer christian is in for sandhya patel with our first look at doppler 7hd. >> all right, carolyn. we are precipitation free, and we actually don't have much cloud cover here tonight. the current readings are on the mild side and in the mid50s. here is what we can look forward to. there is a slight chance of an isolated shower or two mainly in the north bay. but for the most part, dry overnight and low temperatures in the midto upper 40s. it is not going to be a cold overnight, but a
temperatures are for you. >> right around redwood city at twine which is the coolest one and that is a degree cooler than yesterday and at the coast we are four degrees cooler. otherwise, oakland and los gatos are the same and everyone else is 2 to 14 degrees wanter than yesterday. the two are san francisco and 14 being in napa. the reason? check out the wind. we have east wind at concord and six in napa and six in santa rosa, and seven at half moon bay, that is all it takes, a little bit of wind to keep the atmosphere stir asked not let the cold, heavy air sink down to our level and just sit there. we are still chilly, 32 inland and upper 30's for the rest of us by 7:00. near 50 for the afternoon and upper 30's to mid-40's later in the week. mid-50's on low 60's on the way at the end of the week. >> chp is on the scene in oakland southbound 88016th and embarcardero this is a stalled big rig on the right shoulder so that is good news and no slowing beyond the scene use move south through oakland. also, the bay bridge toll plaza, no problems here, metering lights are off and a minor delay if y
. >> jacqueline: it was a nice day today. 50s and 60s. we did see 62 degrees. redwood city, 60s to concord. and the current conditions will remain rather mild. still, 51 to oakland and san francisco and at half moon bay. 50s through redwood city and temperatures are going to be more mile. we are going to see areas of dense fog. with a fog advisory issued for tomorrow. mostly sunny skies and there is going to be similar conditions to today but similar. as we see a big change with the temperatures are going to be wchanging. here is the next fog advisory. these areas highlighted with reduced visibility. through 9:00 p.m., with one quarter of 1 mi. and keep giving yourself some extra time. low visibility, slow down. taking a l we are going to see other 60s. 60s through san jose. unseasonably warm the stormtracker is well off to the north and it will stay that way. change is coming as that starts with rainfall to the bay area. it will continue to the day and temperatures dropping wednesday and temperatures in the low 50s. staying there for friday and warming up. this brings the chance of shower
in redwood city to take pictures with the 2010 and 2012 world series trophies and will be on display from 11 a.m. to 1:00 o'clock p.m., at courthouse square in downtown redwood city city the trophies will then move to daly city hall, rather, up to daly city hall available for photographs between 3:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. >> and beyonce has super bowl half time show performing the hit "crazy if love" and joined by former destiny child band mates to sing a few of their biggest hits. the performance could not come at a better time after her reported lip syncing of the national anthem at the inauguration ceremony. she still has not commented on the accusations. >> the new health care law could be a drag for millions of smokers. >> jane king has the bloomberg business report. >> good morning, millions of smokers could be priced out of health insurance because of tobacco penalties. president obama's health care law says the affordable health care act will allow insurers to charge thousands more than nonsmokers. if you make $35,000 a year, you could spend $8,000 in insurance. >> check the bang state
. and look at redwood city and los gatos at 29 degrees where it is coldest. in the afternoon, total sunshine and breezy and upper 40's to mid-50's. >> good news on the mountain view area with a stalled bus now cleared from the lanes so you will find traffic moving nicely. north 680 the accident in the center divide, no problems getting by there. and we have road work still out there, northbound, alameda, ramp to sub880, closed for another 40 to 50 minutes until 7:00 this morning doing repaving projects. 87 through san jose moving nice lion the h.p. pavilion working northbound on 87 toward 101. kristen and eric? >> thank you. start your engines. new video shows the first new redesigned corvette in nine years. general motors unveiled the 2014 corvette yesterday in detroit at the north american international auto show, the most powerful corvette ever, the base model comes with a 450 horse power and 6.2liter v-8. the sports car exceeds the 26 miles per hour current models and goes on sale this fall at $50,000 to start. >> ladies, can we start our engines? >> i don't know if you want to drive one
from redwood city. >>reporter: giants third base coach tim flannery and band held a benefit concert for brian stowe inside redwood city fox theater. he's the fan badly beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day in 2011. >> his mom wrote me a letter. that's why i'm here tonight. wonderful family. great famil family. >>reporter: flannery began fundraising year ago and raised 70,000 dollars. but that's just a fraction of his medical cost. >> the money i tell people is to keep lights on. food on the table. you know. there are millions and millions of dollars in rehabilitation cost. this is not something that just it's not the flu. it doesn't go away. >>reporter: sought lunatic fringe on miniature in mill valley friday, napa on saturday and stowe hometown santa cruz on sunday. all the proceeds from ticket sales and silent auction like this one will good to the family. giants fans are proud to be involved. >> i think it's awesome. i just think it's a great testimony to the giants and their community focus. >>reporter: if you are a giants fan you know what it is like to feel
to help out. amma has the story from redwood city. >>reporter: giants third base coach tim flannery and band held a concert for brian stowe inside redwood city fox theater. he's the fan badly beaten outside dodger stadium on opening day in 2011. >> his mom wrote me a letter. that's why i'm here tonight. wonderful family. great famil family. >>reporter: flannery began fundraising year ago and raised 70,000 dollars. but that's just a fraction of his medical cost. >> the money i tell people is to keep lights on. food on the table. you know. there are millions and millions of dollars in rehabilitation cost. this is not something that just it's not the flu. it doesn't go away. >>reporter: sought lunatic fringe on miniature in mill valley friday, napa on saturday and stowe hometown santa cruz on sunday. all the proceeds from ticket sales and silent auction like this one will good to the family. giants fans are proud to be involved. >> i think it's awesome. i just think it's a great testimony to the giants and their community focus. >>reporter: if you are a giants fan you know
landmark will be gon gone. pete harbor in redwood city. boat owners ordered to leave but some plan on defying the order. more tonight from vick lee. pishtion about tenant from the rv lot said their goodbye. live aboard boat owners set sail. lease expire at midnight tonight. after 60 years pete harbor will close to make which for a luxury residential complex. boat slips will only be available to the new tenants. pete's widow paula is settle 11 acre property to the developers. >> change is hard for people but it's time. and we hope that new beginnings open up new chapter in other people lives. >>reporter: for many of the live aboard ending old chapter is difficult. >> this has been a safe, wonderful place to live. that's provided beauty to so many people. >>reporter: she and her husband have lived here aboard their 37 foot sailboat for a couple of years. they are preparing to leave. most tenant have already left. yellow tape mark the empty slips. only about 20 boats are still left. out of nearly 90 which were moored near august. many need repair and are unable to push off.
group of redwood city boat owners ignored a midnight city deadline. 144 tenants received eviction notices. while most left a few remained. seven have been gwynn more time to move while a few others say they have no choice and will defie the eviction notice. >> me and my husband go we don't have a place to go to yet. he has 20 years worth of stuff. >> people no long vera valid lease to be here. pete's harbor will be closed as we know it. >> marina owners are selling the area to developers that will build a 411 unit complex w slips. >>> the flu is hitting the bay area hard. the california specific medical center in san francisco has four-times more patients this flu season than they have seen in the past two years. the cpmc says most of the cases are adults while in other parts of the gannetry they are seeing more. >>> santa rosa memoir hospital has a two day strike. nurses balked out no -- this labor dispute involves working conditions and higher it's contracted with replacement workers. >>> let's check back in with sal. >> we're looking a the the east bay pres which are getting a
moon bay. as we look to the afternoon numbers. some 50s and 60s. 63 for sunnyvale. 62 in redwood city. upper 50s are rich and, vallejo. 56 in antioch. downtown san francisco at 57. >> conditions in tahoe here is a live look outside at highway 50 at 89. i checked with caltran and we do not have any chain restrictions required. is an easy ride there. your morning lows will be into the single digits. we will have patchy, freezing fog to contend with. it will be mild and pleasant it will not feel like to enter into the afternoon. temperatures will be in the low 50s with plenty of sunshine for the next several days. a great time to head to the mountains. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast focus its attention on the san francisco bay area. we are looking get unseasonably warm conditions. some spots again, could climb into the mid to upper 60s. the continue with pleasant springlike weather as we start the next work weeks. the blocking pattern was stoppewill start to break down y wednesday and we could see showers. >> and bridge check if you are leaving the house no hot spots. an ea
and santa cruz 63, wow, that is is heatwave compared to what we have had lately. 58 daily city, 59 redwood city and a half moon bay, passive can. and today is one of those days. part part partly sunday and we will have more coming up. >>> vietnam is a $3 billion coffee market and starbucks has 3300 stores in 12 countries. >>> the 99-cent menu is history. they call it the right price, right size menu. prices frank 1 to $2 and the cost for meat and cheese are rising and berger king and other areas are thinking about using it and what we are now hearing it. >>> surveillance video of a man running in a district, what police say he did to a helpless little animal. stay tuned for more. [ male announcer ] the career landscape of america is changing. new jobs are here, and by 2025, we could have millions more that demand qualified college graduates. many in the bay area. at devry university, our market-responsive bachelor's and master's degree programs can give you what you need to succeed in today's careers and the ones on the horizon. get the know how you need for a new tomorrow at our 4 bay are
of an inch. san francisco over .3. redwood city not even quite a tenth of an inch but bench loamen mountains almost an inch and santa cruz mountains. that's where we saw the highest rainfall totals. temperatures today mainly in the low to mid-50s. look for a high of 52 in san francisco. windy conditions along the coast. 54 in fremont. you will find some more low to mid-50s around monterey bay with 53 in emergency hill. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. once the morning showers are over, we will see some sunshine. temperatures in the 50s. mostly sunny tomorrow with warming heading our way into tuesday and then just a chance of showers wednesday night into thursday, but then looking dry again friday and saturday >> i like the sound of that, frances. >> i do too. >> thank you. coming up at 7:00 is good morning america and dan harris is joining us live from new york to tell us what you are working on. hey, dan. >> carolyn, good morning. happy sunday morning to you. at ? it's coming up on sunday morning. hope to see you then. >> it's hard to grow up under the spotlight, isn't it? >> exac
. redwood city 34 and san rafael 34. patchy fog maybe should start forming. there is a little bit off the coast as well. kind of circling the wagons. nothing really too much here. just patchy fog. it will be sunny and mild to warm. especially down toward santa cruz. you can see some of that fog out there. it's still held in check. we get an offshore breeze. that is really beneficial to the coast and bay. it's really cold for others. hazy and mild to warm here. temperatures beginning to really now accelerate. so 65 clearlake. 65 novato. 59 antioch. also brentwood. oakland 63. alameda 62. 68 gilroy. saratoga 64. same for half-moon bay. 66 redwood city and 64 in san francisco. temperatures are bumping up. we'll hold that into your weekend. >>> time now 6:10. a new theory about the problems plaguing boeing dream liner jet. what was discovered during a recent inspection. >>> gun sales are actually surging across the country. the one type of gun that is completely sold out in manyoffs 37 >>> plus a decision is in now about whether san jose casino matrix can expand gambling to the upper floo
of redwood city boat owners ignored a midnight deadline. they are still docked at pete's harbor marina. 144 tenants received eviction notices while most of them have left few are still out there. seven have been gwynn more time to move while a few others say they have no choice. they will defie the eviction orders. >> not the best time for a boat move. >> they must have been really cold and in the morning now i crawl back in bed. it has been record cold for the last four days. >> the inner harbor will be a private marina with residential developmental units that will bring a lot of activity here. >> the developers who now own pete's harbor plan to build a 411 unit apartment complex with private boat slips. >>> the water is back on for people in berkeley after crews repaired a broken water line overnight. the east bay utility district says a eight inch line ruptured just about 5:00. 32 customers were effected but service has been restored. >> good for them. >>> time now 5:06. sal is here. he's watching all of the commute but you are starting in the east bay. >> that is right. we're look agen
free with four lanes for the southbound commute. the santa cruz mountains, redwood city near the bridge, a stall blocking the right lane southbound 17 and we have power outages we after a car hit a power pole and the intersection is blocked so you will need to avoid that. kristen and eric? >> thank you very much. >> if you plan on shopping today, there is something you need to know before you whip out the credit card. the new fee you could be hit with. >> california is gearing up for the start of construction on the high-speed rail system. high-speed rail system. there is one [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. fiber one. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? um... try the number one! yeah, this is pretty good. male announcer ] over a third of a day's fiber. fiber one. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ shimmy, shimmy chocolate. ♪ we, we chocolate cross over. ♪ yeah, we chocolate cross over. ♪ [ ma
today. pretty impressive. 69. that's the high from santa rosa. redwood city with 68. mountain view with 68. going to be warmer in some places tomorrow. these are significant highs, considering it's late january. we're coming up on february in a few hours. the winds are kind of clocking offshore a bit. you see the clouds eroding away. that's the aisinking. that's the offshore flow. those arrows, those winds are the mechanism that's warming us up. that's why temperatures got into the upper 60s. tomorrow, those arrows are going to be a little more aggressive. as we go into tomorrow, look for temperatures to be maybe in the mid-60s, and certainly in some areas in the upper 60s. when i come back, we'll have the complete forecast for your neighborhood. specific temperatures for your house, neighborhood, or city. >>> fans for all things apple are getting ready for mac world in san francisco. it opens tomorrow at mussconey center. there will be hundreds of products. there are also more than 60 tech talks. mac world is set to run from thursday through saturday. >>> a first hand appeal for a
. freezing in san jose. sunnyvale, of redwood city, 32 degrees. and the low is right at freezing in frisco. the bay shore, and for the self bay, until 9:00 a.m., sub-freezing temperatures for the south bay. again, you are going to want to give yourself some extra time in case you have your frosty windshield. whittle mid '50s for the most part. upper 50s. whit-low mid '50s. santa rosa, with the low-mid '80s. and tomorro very cold. if haazig madyun haazig mady and temperatures are going to be run 40 degrees. and 60. >> pam: a surge in bart ridership is welcome news to the transit agency, but it is a different story for the riders themselves. kron 4's dan kerman has a look at the numbers. and how the transit system is trying to keep pace. >> if you've been noticing board is a little bit crowded these days or not alone. with people getting ready to go into san francisco in the morning and afternoon. take a look at this station. there was a line to get on and it was quoted. but by that time i got to the embarcadero, for that about it. you see it that it is standing room only. you might be on yo
and livermore. 30 at los gatos. then we had frosty spots the peninsula but technically it's 36 in redwood city and 42 in san francisco. other big story, spare the air, not only today but also tomorrow. you can see poor air quality in the north bay and in the south bay. that is going to last for about another day. so no burning of wood. >>> we have breaking news, sheriffs officials are searching in central california for missing helicopter. it was returning to an airport in kern county when it disappeared around 6:15 this morning. it was one of three helicopters doing frost control to protect crops. two others returned to their base. one of the pilots who came back was unable to contact the missing pilot by radio. >>> the financial mood of the country takes a dramatic turn this morning after the president and congress reached a last minute deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. stocks are sharply up on this day of trading. the dow is up over 217 points. analysts warn the feeling could change quickly because the budget deal leaves many questions unresolved. >> reporter: neither party was really happy w
-virus. >> new this morning, san mateo county and redwood city firefighters are on the scene of a fire at home in the 3400 block of paige street in redwood city. for that location is near where the dumbarton bridge meets 1 01 in redwood city. the fire was in a shed in the back of the house. the slaves did not spread to the home. the resident was home at the time but was not injured. the cause of the fire is not see seen as suspicious. >> investigators are still searching for a man who attempted to kidnap a three year-old boy from a store in " the great mall " shopping center in milpitas. here is a sketch of the suspect. he is described as an asian male, between 50 to 60 years old, 5 ft. 5 in. tall, weighing 200 lbs.. the boy's mother told police, that she was holding her child's hand inside of its store, but she let go when she bought the her husband had taken the chow's other hand. he was only about 10 ft. away from her when she yelled at him. he responded by letting go of the boy's hand and running into the mall. police said the child was unharmed. >> the fate of san francisco's of recently
might struggle to get near 60 but they are warming up. half-moon bay 65. redwood city 64. nice. right into the weekend as well looks good with your weekend always in view. a little cooler as you go into early next week. >>> now we are two days away from the 49ers nfc championship game and the niners hope to make it back to the super bowl. ktvu janine de la vega live in santa clara where fans are getting ready for sunday's game. >> reporter: fans cannot wait for this weekend's game. we spoke to one man this morning who told me being this close to the super bowl makes him hope that one day it will be played here. this is the second year in a row the 49ers have made it to the nfc championship. if they win this game on sunday against the atlanta falcons, they will head to the super bowl in new orleans. all eyes will be on collin kaepernick who had a stunning performance last weekend. bay area fans have been stocking up on 49ers memorabilia and jerseys. some are headed to a sports bar to watch the game while others are staying at home to watch it. >> i'm excited. i hope the 49ers win obvio
bit and american canyon and this band of showers will be heading towards redwood city and campbell in the next 15 minutes or so. heavy showers down to santa cruz and scotts valley, heading toward the summit road and enhancement as the low tracks to the south. how much rain and when will it end? forecast coming up. >> ama: coming up, prices for burning margin tickets are going up. plus the victim of a stolen phone tracks down the thief. how he got it back using an online dating site. a fight over ketchup on a flight no testing this crew. no testing this crew. these rockers well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible. >>> tickets for the burning man festival will jump in price. 51,000
. redwood city, we will sue low 60s inland. fairfield, antioch, livermore. san francisco getting into the low 60s. 60s in petaluma. 60s and also when oakland. with your kron 4 7 day around the bay to state, more sunshine and a few increasing high clouds. as of this system and the pacific gets closer but still mid-60s as a big cool start. the increasing cloud coverage with the chance for some light rain in. the best chance to be in the north bay. thursday, friday with more wet weather for the weekend. >> santa cruz native peter mel won first place in this years mavericks invitational big wave surfing contest today. mel has participated in the competition since it first started in 1999 but this is the first year he's won the event. alex martins came in second place and greg long rounded out the top three. an estimated 30-thousand people turned out to watch the competition which hadn't happened since 2010. the waves were short by mavericks standards.with the largest waves cresting around 20 feet. >> good evening, everybody. it has been 18 years. colin kaepernick making his 9th caree
. as we go towards tomorrow, the upper 50s and 60s. and breaks of sunshine toward 62 degrees and redwood city. for your extended forecast of lingering showers. dry for the afternoon. friday, also dry as we will see a chance of showers to drop the week and early during the week. >> pam: scientists continue to monitor a sliding hillside at the berkeley lab. this is video of what the hill looked like a few weeks ago kron four's philippe djegal tells us what's being done to prevent the hill from giving way. after these recent rains and not much has changed. you can deceive macmillan rd you can see-macmillan rd that officials saying that it is still not stable. staff members on the other side of the health have been relocated to other offices. while a geotechnical engineer will monitor a potential landslide. stabilizers have been installed and water still being extracted. taboret fans is still in tact to keep falling debris from reaching the road with a temporary-fence. they are wondering tor not to add concrete to a hillside. phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam: clinton faced five hours of
in livermore, san francisco 50. 47 degrees in santa rosa. 50 in redwood city. tonight, overnight, the coldest locations east of the bay and well inland talking livermore, san ramon, dublin and pleasanton. 20s in concord and walnut creek. delta in the 20s. this is why we have that freeze warning and frost advisory in effect. we'll talk more about this later in our broadcast. >>> you can get the latest on any stormy weather headed our way by checking our live high- def doppler radar on our website, >>> classmates of a teenager accused of opening fire inside a central california high school say that there were signs of trouble as early as last year. the attack left one student wounded. but it could have been much worse. cbs reporter randy paige says a teacher somehow managed to talk the suspect down. >>> reporter: >> i think he walked -- after he walked in, he pumped the gun, it's a pump action rifle. he pumped it and lifted it right away and shot. >> reporter: 16-year-old morgan aldridge describes what she saw in her first pe
communities, outside of san francisco, redwood city, fremont, hayward, oakland. notice the purple, inland areas, north bay, east bay, south bay, dipping into the 20s. a freeze warning is expected for you. this is going to happen tomorrow morning. he is a peak at the handful of numbers i am expecting. petaluma has felt the chilliest temperatures. 40 for san francisco. 28 in walnut creak. when i return what you can expect for tomorrow and a time line of when i expect we will thaw out and when we will warm up. >>> the cold snap continues. citrus growers are going out out to protect their crops. they invested $11 million to protect their crops. many say it is necessary to do so. they generate $2 billion a year. efforts to use water and wind machines has paid off. in december of 2011 a deep freeze cost them half a billion dollars to protect the crops. >>> it will be a cold night for some folks after a huge free crashed into a home and knocked out power. the 150-foot tree toppled over this morning on west baltimore avenue. neighbors say they heard a person inside yelling for help. she was rescu
than what we saw last night. redwood city, sunnyvale, several areas and in san francisco, 40's. temperatures are going to warm, nicely. 50s, 60s. 50s through palo alto. and for san jose, a bit more tricky because that fog could keep temperatures cooler but mostly clear skies as temperatures are going to get to the mid '50s. and for the east bay shore. 55 degrees and also for the north bay. 50s and 60s in santa rosa. a look at your extended forecast but not as cold. there are no frost advisories. low 60s by the weekend. >> reporter: and menlo park facebook holds a big press conference statement, the details.. >> coming up later in this broadcast the afc championship game. colin kaepernick. and we will give you a rough sketch on the buster >> pam: facebook unbille unveild a new search ability. within its facebook search tool. it is searching only within the facebook database. and even only on your friend circles. if you want to find a good restaurant? or even to find about eight movie, or a great weight to find friends to find out about a movie. a great way..... it makes searchin
degrees right now for the coolest spot in the bay area. frosty and cold in redwood city, 31. mountain view, 35. san jose, 34. oakland, 40. 34, half moon bay. sunshine a few high clouds and mid 50s. next three days will be in the mid to upper 50s. here is katie with more news. >> katie: this morning, state water officials will take the first sierra survey for the winter. electronic measurements indicate it's 146% of normal. that is important since the sierra snow pack accounts for a third of state's water supply. early storms have replenished stated reservoirs. at butti county it's 111% of normal. it's already 70% filled. >> now we have electronic measurements and now we do the hand measurements. >> they do it a little more technical because they are actually there instead of electronically. >> lots of snow last week. pretty dry. >> 6:18 this morning and looking live from roof cam, back across the embarcadero, it's not as breezy as it was yesterday. we're also looking at fairly as far as temperatures. a little breeze in your area, temperatures will drop a couple degrees. winds about 3-5 mil
, 31 in redwood city and i tweeted the coolest temperatures by region, campbell is at 29 degrees in the south bay. now we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 30's until gilroy at 29. hazy sunshine, milder than yesterday, poor air possible all week because the pattern will not change and we do not have rain in the forecast through wednesday compared to 24 hours ago we are a degree warmer in oakland and san francisco is at 53 and san jose and fremont and concord, five, six, and seven degrees warmer than yesterday. we will have 56 in antioch and fairfield and santa rosa and fremont at 60 for the warmer temperatures. we will have upper 50's to low 60's inland so maybe a degree or two warmer. tonight, frost is possible. there will be low to upper 30's inland and south bay and half moon bay at mid-40's. the last ten hours show the high pressure not moving at all. it will hang around. we will slowly get the moderating air mass. because of the high pressure we have a offshore so the pollution will be a problem the next few days as the warming trend conditions. >> we will hit the 60's e
to the victim's home in redwood city and asked if he could retrieve a baseball from the backyard. >> the victim said certainly. the fellow goes in the backyard and says i don't see it here. comes back out and mr. sorenson realized his wallet was stolen. >> reporter: but this wasn't any man's wallet. of all the wallets in the county, he took the one that happened to belong to former long-time district attorney keith sorenson. he insists the fact the victim was a former d.a. had nothing to do with the length of the prison time. >> that person is just as important to us as a victim as every other person in the county. all the victims matter and all the robbers need to be in prison. >> reporter: he racked up about $1,000 in charges on credit cards. >> i think the judge is probably trying to send a message, and wake him up as to change his ways. >> reporter: now, i faulked to our nbc legal analyst steven clark tonight and he says that he will have to serve 85% of his prison term because this is a second strike. that means he will be in price op until the year 2022. that's nine years from now. george
district says many cities including oakland, vallejo, livermore, redwood city, san jose and gilroy are already showing hourly levels of particulate matter that are well above healthy levels and officials expect those levels to rise tonight. so a "spare the air" alert has been issued for today and tomorrow. >> we get a lot of complaints around this time of year. people say, you know, of course you always call on the holidays. this is terrible! but the reality is, that's weather we know people burn. >> reporter: the cold weather forces the particulate matter close to the ground and the lack of wind keeps it there. with the weather service also issuing a frost advisory for tonight, some are already taking precautions. some residents are covering up their plants. >> but i did hear about it's going to get pretty col tonight. >> reporter: but one thing residents cannot legally do to keep warm is light a wood- burning fire. lou ann dewitt also knows that. what do you do when it gets that cold? >> i stay home, turn on the fireplace and i can turn it on because it's gas. >> reporter: so y
remain docked at pete's harbor in redwood city. the molina's owner gave tenants additional times to make arrangements to leave. one resident told us today she is waiting for parts to fix her boat. other residents say they have the same trouble or cannot find a dock to move to. an appeal to the eviction is scheduled for january 28th, before the redwood city city council. >>> word is that interior secretary ken salazar is the latest cabinet member to resign from the obama administration. sources say that salazar told the president he'll be leaving the job at the end of march. the 57-year-old former u.s. senator from colorado plans to return to his ranch to spend time with his family. >>> the f.a.a. today ordered 787 dream liner service to be halted in the united states, after japanese airlines grounded their planes. consumer editor reports, the fallout is being felt at san jose airport. the only bay airport with 787 service. >> reporter: following japan's lead earlier today, the f.a.a. is formally grounding all u.s. 787 dream liners. that's because an a.n.a. domestic flight made an emergen
in the upper 50s. 59 in santa rosa. 60s in redwood city. 57 in the san francisco area still mild. cold in fairfield. and santa rosa but still 46 in daly city. 48 in hayward. still, chilly and we're already finding some places that are going to be upper 30's. and other locations mostly sunny tomorrow and all are run the bay. 60s in the south bay. it will stay mild as we continue our warming trend. we will take a look a your extended forecast, coming up. >> pam: developing tonight. the f-a-a has grounded all boeing 7-8-7 dreamliners in the u-s. until the company can prove it fixed battery problems. it comes after incidents where two airlines in japan grounded the planes, because of similar issues. the f-a-a announced today that battery failures caused a leak of flammable material, heat damage, and smoke. the only u-s carrier which flies the planes. is united airlines. since july, there has been a growing list of reported issues with the boeing 7-8- 7. including cracked engines, and a fuel leak. ahead at eight. president obama delivers on his promise. to enact gun control policy in the wa
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